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Business Communication


BBA N 202 Business Communication

  • Unit I : Meaning and Objective of Business Communication, Forms of Communication, Communication Model and Process, Principles of Effective Communication.
  • Unit II : Corporate Communication : Formal and Informal Communication, Networks, Grapevine, Barriers in Communication, Group Discussion, Mock Interviews, Seminars, Individual and Group Presentations.
  • Unit III : Essential of Effective Business Letters, Writing Important Business Letters Including Correspondence with Bank and Insurance Companies.
  • Unit IV : Oral & Non-verbal Communication : Principles of Oral Presentation, Factors Affecting Presentation, Effective Presentation Skills, Conducting Surveys.
  • Body Language, Para Language, Effective Listening, Interviewing Skill, Writing Resume and Letter or Application.
  • Unit V : Modern forms of Communication, International Communication, Culture Sensitiveness and Cultural Context, Writing and Presenting in International Situations.

For BBA Semester-IInd


For MBA/BBA/BCA/PGDBM/Other Management Courses

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