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For MBA/BBA/BCA/PGDBM/Other Management Courses

Objective : This course aims at imparting knowledge about the principles and
methods of auditing and their applications.
Unit I
Introduction : Meaning, Objectives and Importance of Auditing. Types of Audit,
Limitations of Auditing. Audit Procedure; Audit programme, Audit Note Book, Audit Working Papers, Audit Files, Audit Evidence, Consideration for commencing an
Audit; Routine checking and Test checking.
Unit II
Internal Control : Meaning, Objectives and Auditor's duties, Internal Check System : Meaning, Objectives, advantages and disadvantages, Auditor's Duties, Internal Check as regards cash receipts, Cash Payments, Wages, Sales and Purchases. Vouching : Meaning, Objectives, Importance, Vouching of Cash Transactions and Trading Transactions. Verification of Assets and Liabilities : Meaning, Objectives and Verification of various Assets and Liabilities.
Unit III
Audit of Limited Companies : Appointment, Qualifications, Rights and Powers, Duties and Liabilities of a Company Auditor. Audit Report–Meaning, Importance and Scope, Clean and Qualified Audit Report, Audit Certificate. Audit of Divisible Profits and Dividends.
Unit IV
Special Audit of Banking Companies and Insurance Companies. Special Points in the Audit of Educational Institutions, Clubs and Hospitals, Nature and Significance of Cost Audit; Tax Audit and Management Audit.

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